Emerald Energy Resources Limited (EERL) is a Nigerian Independent Oil Company and Operator of OML 141 in the Niger Delta and with proven capability and vision. Incorporated on the 6th of May 1997, Emerald is owned, operated and managed by an international team of petroleum professionals whose mission is to leverage success into new opportunities and acquire profitable new reserves and production in Nigeria. Emerald Energy Resources Limited is uniquely placed to play a major role in the consolidation of the Nigerian indigenous oil and gas industry.


EERL’s vision is to be a competent and profitable world-class exploration and production company. The company will consistently create value for its stakeholders through the application of appropriate technologies and flawless executions of its operations. The company will be the most efficient of its peer companies and will operate in accordance with all the laws and regulations in its area of operation and will conduct its business to the highest professional, moral and ethical standards.


To seek and acquire profitable new reserves which will enhance the company’s asset base. Our activities shall be grounded on best business practices, good governance and a strong commitment to social and environmental responsibilities for the benefit of humanity.


Treat local communities in our operating areas as full stakeholders in our operations
Comply with all Federal, State and Local laws and regulations where we operate
Foster a climate which encourages innovation and diligence among staff and reward them accordingly
Treat all employees with dignity and respect
Strictly adhere to the provisions of the Board approved Corporate Governance Charter (comparable to those of peer international companies with the highest standards of business norms and ethics) of the company
Always apply disciplined financial management in all our capital and operational spending and other activities. Comply with all terms and conditions of contracts to ensure prompt payment of service providers in exchange for services that meet EERL’s specifications
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