Executive Chairman

Dr. Jude Amaefule is the Co-founder and current Executive Chairman of Emerald Energy Resources (Operator of OML 141, on Behalf of Joint Interest Owners.)

Dr Amaefule has served in the following capacities as – Vice Chairman/COO, (2001-2007); Chairman/CEO (2007-2011) & Vice Chairman/CEO (2011-date) for Emerald Energy Resources Limited, Lagos Nigeria, where he is responsible for management and operations for the Integrated Team of the Block OML 141 in the Continental Shelf Niger Delta). He is the Chairman of the Joint Interest Technical Committee of the OML 141 Operations in the Continental Shelf Niger Delta.

He has over 38 years of practical oil industry experience in management, technology development and consulting. He consulted globally for major oil companies (Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Repsol/YPF, PDVSA, BHP, Petronas, Santos and Woodside etc) on reservoir description, petrophysics, productivity enhancement, optimizing field development planning, reserves auditing and reservoir management.

“Distinguished Member” of the Society of Petroleum Engineers International, Dr Amaefule worked for E&P and the Service Sector companies in various capacities including as:

  • Research Petroleum Engineer for Occidental Petroleum, Los Angeles (1981-1982)
  • Senior Petroleum Engineer for Sohio/BP (1982-1984) in charge of Well productivity improvement Studies for fields in California and Prudhoe Bay Field, Alaska
  • Director Laboratory Services (1984-1987) for Litton Petrophysical Services in Palo Alto California, where he managed the development of the oil industry’s first automated analytical equipment for reservoir evaluation including the Mercury Free PVT System, Automated Core Analysis, CMS 200 & Automated High Pressure Pumps & Formation Damage Evaluation Systems.
  • Vice President Technology Applications (1987-1990) & Senior Vice President (1990-1994) in charge of Research & Technology Development, Business Development/marketing and Instrument Manufacturing, for Core Laboratories, Division of Western Atlas International in Houston, Texas. He managed the development of commercially profitable Core and Fluid Analyses Technologies in Reservoir Description and Production Enhancement. These efforts positioned the company as the technology and market leader with resultant revenue and profit growth in excess of $150 million dollars annually.
  • Founder-President/CEO (1995-2001) of VRMT International Inc, Houston, Texas, a leading-edge, Petroleum Engineering Consultancy specialists in optimizing Oil and Gas Reservoir management. and Productivity Enhancement.

Dr. Amaefule has contributed immensely to the body of knowledge in Petroleum Reservoir Engineering particularly in the area of reservoir description and dynamics and has published in excess of 55 technical papers and manuscripts and holds 3 patents (British and Canadian) as an Inventor/Co- inventor.

Dr. Amaefule’s intellectual products include authoring the pioneering work on the Hydraulic Flow Unit (FZI) Concept/Process now globally applied for 3D Petrophysics/ Earth Modeling and dynamic simulation for permeability prediction and water saturation modeling for improved reservoir description and productivity enhancement.

Dr. Amaefule also authored and published 5000 copies of Shell International Exploration and Production, SIEP-Worldwide Manuscript EP report 96-0220 on “Understanding Formation Damage and Control Strategies”. Dr Amaefule has conducted over 100 seminars/workshops on Formation Damage Control Strategies and Reservoir Description globally.

He has received several industry awards in Nigeria, Argentina, Abu Dhabi, Canada and USA for contributions to technology He was the recipient of the 2006 SPE Regional Technical Award, Africa for Distinguished Contribution to Petroleum Engineering in the Area of Reservoir Description and Dynamics and was inducted as a Distinguished Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers International in Denver Colorado USA in October 2008.

He is an active member of several professional societies including the Society of Petroleum Engineers International (SPE), Society of Professional Well Logging Analysts (SPWLA), Society of Core Analysis (SCA), The New York Academy of Sciences and the Scientific Research Society of America (Sigma XI). His professional service activities include The SPE Engineering and Peripheral Technology Committee (1987 – 1990); Textbook and Cultural Diversity Committees (1993 – 1994) and Past Vice President-Technology for Society of Core Analysts (1992). Dr. Amaefule also served as a Distinguished Lecturer on Reservoir Description for the Society of Petroleum Engineers International for years 2007-2008.

Dr Amaefule is a Visiting Professor and Fellow of the Institute of Petroleum Studies (IPS)of UNIPORT and Chairman of the Research Advisory Board of the IPS. In addition, he serves as the Chairman of the Petroleum Industry Advisory Board of the African University of Science and Technology, AUST, Abuja.

He holds a Ph.D, MSc and BSc (Magna Cum Laude) degrees in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California, USA.