Operator of OML 141 on Behalf of Joint Interest Owners

The key to making attractive returns on investment in the Niger Delta petroleum province lies with understanding the geology, politics and business climate, environmental issues & community relations, and prudent application of requisite technologies.

Emerald Energy Resources Limited is well equipped for the market challenges in the Niger Delta Complex through the following:


  • Diverse, acknowledged expertise in the oil and gas business.
  • Highly experienced (well in excess of 300 man years) in profitable management.
  • Acknowledged leaders in their professional practice.


  • Leadership and innovation in 2-D, 3-D and 4-D seismic technology.
  • Horizontal and Multilateral well technology.
  • Production Enhancement (Oilfield Forensics) Technologies.
  • 3-D Petrophysics & Hybrid 3-D Simulation Technologies.
  • Integrated Reservoir Characterization for Low-Resistivity.
  • Low-Contrast Freshwater Deltaic Environments.


  • Easy access to key decision makers and regulatory authorities.
  • Very good understanding of the Niger Delta reservoirs, people, culture, politics, business environment, communities and  environmental issues.
  • Founders of Emerald Energy are very well respected and favourably viewed in the country’s oil and gas business.